Perspectives in Raqqa

The first article is about the activist group called “Raqqa is being slaughtered silently”. They are against ISIS and the way they protest is by posting photos of the city of Raqqa now that ISIS has taken. The group takes pictures with their cell phones showing the executions and other things going on in the city. Vice News was talking to Abu Ibrahim Raqqawi, a member of this activist group that has fled the city since he was discovered, but his family is still in Raqqa. He talks about how life has changed there for women in the fact that they don’t have any right and how 90% of the people in Raqqa hate ISIS. He states the only reason everyone is so complaint is because of fear. He mentioned how if someone had 3 houses, ISIS would take two for them and one for the owner, so they can house the foreign fighters. Raqqawi, also mentions that they went from being under Assad’s regime to under ISIS’S control and now the only reason why the U.S. is willing to help is because it benefits them not the people of Raqqa The interview overall goes in depth about living under ISIS, when you are against everything they stand for. The other article is about a man named Abu Saif, that doesn’t fully agree with ISIS and their tactics, but does like how ISIS is implementing Sharia law as well as the system is the city. He states that it’s good how people in the town of Raqqa are now praying when they are suppose to and how ISIS is implementing new things in the city like the way they are keeping health codes in restaurants and how they punish their own when something is unfair. But doesn’t like how education and how women’s rights have been taken away. Both of these articles have to do with two very different perspectives in Raqqa, but both come together in not fulling agreeing with ISIS in some ways. ISIS is very radical in their way of thinking when it comes to the laws in Raqqa or any other place under their control. ISIS is essentially taking away basic human rights that the people under the ISIS control deserve. ISIS is not letting people believe or say anything they want to say against them.


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