ISIS using Chemical Weapons

Both of the article have to deal with the Islamic State using chemical weapons on the civilians in different areas that are dominated by the Islamic State. The article, “Has ISIS Crossed a New Red Line?” talks about how the Iraqi government accused the Islamic State of using chemical weapons on a couple of their officers in the town of Dhuluiya. The Iraqi government declared the doctors confirmed that the chemical weapons being used was chlorine. They also claimed that ISIS had used chloride on two separate occasions. The State Department stated that they couldn’t confirm his information, but if so this would “affect tactical decisions within that strategy”. The Kurds are other people that are being affected my the chemical weapons. The city of Kobani is one that is being affected by these weapons. They suspect that the weapons were obtained through a “seized Iraqi army bases where they were stored.” ISIS took control over the “Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons programme”, which lead them to having there hand on the chemical weapons. Many people in the area have come in with blister, vomiting, burning eyes and nose, as well as having trouble breathing. “Some of the doctors say that it might be phosphorus or poison gas of some kind”, but it has been very hard to get doctors in the area. I would consider ISIS view on this as very radical in the approach they are taking when it comes to chemical weapons. The chemical weapons that ISIS has obtained are a threat to global health and safety,¬†especially for the people in these areas close to the Islamic State.



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