ISIL’s Conflict has Spread to the Children of the Region

The first article has to do how the terrorist group, ISIL, killed a 17 year-old boy because he took photographs of the headquarters in the city of Raqqa, which is something the group didn’t like.  The images showed how the teen was crucified with the sign around his neck stating that he was a apostasy, which means that he abandoned his religion.  Many people state the reason he was crucified  was is because it’s a Verse 33 in the Koran, but the article also states that in the Koran it also talks about forgiveness. The teen was paid approximately 500 Turkish lira for the photos inside the HQ. The images of the crucified teen were circulating around the internet, but it started with the anti-ISIL group in the city of Raqqa called, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently. Then after they posted the picture online, other supports of the Islamic State also posted his photo. The second article has to do with photos of a baby girl being held down and having a knife being held to her neck. The phone images were recovered by a Kurdish soldier. In the photos you also saw an older women and an older child, who are believed to be the baby girl’s, mother and sister. The whereabouts of the women and children are unknown. But these were not the only images recovered, there were also images of the Islamic group playing football with human heads. Both of these articles have to do with how ISIL has no bounders and how they are willing to kill children to get there point across. This makes everyone in the region fearful because they are capable of killing anyone without mercy. This point of view of ISIL is very radical when dealing with people. We can clearly see that they don’t have bounders when it comes to their whole objective. ISIL is violating human rights in which they are complete going after people’s right of religion, in which they have implemented Sharia law in the region. They don’t let people be who they are because of ISIL beliefs.

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