September 14th Blog about Diigo post

The two articles I posted on Diigo reflect responses from activist and government organizations alike in regards to Syrian intervention. The first article by the Huffington post (found here) evaluates the effectiveness of journalists inside and outside of Syria. This article also demonstrates the reluctance of western governments to get involved. The second article by Aljazeera (found here) talked about different groups response to Obamas call to use airstrikes in Syria. The Assad regime and Russia stated that it would be an act of aggression and that there will be repercussions for doing so. This shows the divide between power in Syria. This reluctance of western government may be attributed to the ineffectiveness of a similar situation in Libya where NATO intervened. The activists may not remember the humanitarian crisis in Libya but NATO does remember its failures to attract a western appealing government in Syria. I speculate that many countries feel that thee Assad regime is better than any alternative.


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