How Multi-Level Marketing has changed the Social Media Landscape

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

We all probably know someone that is involved in an MLM company.  While Multi-Level Marketing companies have been around since the 1940s there has been a surge in their popularity with the rise in Social Media users in all age groups.

According to MSG, “The concept of Multi Level or Network selling seems to have emerged accidently when the Distributors discovered that they were generating more sales for the Company by referring their friends and known people to the business opportunity available with Nutralite,” (Juneja, n.d.).

So How Does It Work?

“Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales. The recruits are the distributor’s “downline.” Distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers,” (Tarver, 2020).

The ability to sell directly to your immediate network from the comfort of your home has been enticing for many, especially Stay at Home Moms (SAHM). Many are looking for ways to be home with their children while still contributing to the family income. The popularity and success of these businesses has led to a widespread acceptance of new businesses across stations and age groups.

How has Social Media changed the game?


Social media allows us to have an expanded network of connections that we “keep in touch with” even though we are rarely face to face. Thus, the familiarity makes MLM so successful. People trust Word of Mouth marketing and their peers’ reviews more than cold-call sales. Joining one of these companies offers not only  the appeal of monetary opportunities but possibility of comradery and personal development.

“The opportunity to own a business, work from home, and make money are just a few of the reasons people decide to join an MLM'” . They go on to say, “Think Tupperware parties, but now turbocharged by social media. Today, sellers can host virtual events and sales, and reach far beyond their immediate friends and family,” (Silverstein et. al, 2019).


By posting testimonials and selfies on social media platforms sales are generated on team members are gained. “Parties” can be virtual. They can be live or pre-recorded messages to attendees, giving the party host more flexibility of schedule.

Videos, pictures, stories- it is all becoming crucial to an MLM business. One must understand Social Media Marketing to succeed.

What are some of the successful MLM companies today?


MONAT. -a vegan, all-natural hair and skincare product company, US launch in 2014.

Meet Staci Lee. Her journey with Monat began when her best friend was gifted Monat products after fighting Stage 4 Cancer. It was important to her to use products free from harsh chemicals.  She introduced Staci to the products. Staci had just had a baby and was looking for something of her own after making the hard choice to leave her successful career to stay at home with her children.

“It gave me purpose and identity outside of being a mom,”- Staci Lee

Staci has quickly risen through the ranks of the Monat company due to her enthusiasm for what began as only hair products.  She began by using social media to spread her love of the products that were changing her hair. By using testimonials, specifically BEFORE & AFTER stories, she grew her team and created a business for herself while getting to enjoy being a stay at home mom.

She has used Instagram, Facebook & YouTube to increase her sales and grow her team. Her love for her new found business was infectious. By simply spreading her story and asking friends to “Come have fun with her’ it all happened faster than she had ever planned.

Staci’s advice? Show up with Love & Service first!

If you are looking for fabulous hair and natural products, check out @chic_roots on Instagram.


COLOR STREET.- “Color Street is a creative beauty brand with limitless possibilities. We believe in supporting and empowering a person’s spirit & individuality. We celebrate entrepreneurs and inspire them to pave the road to personal success,” (colorstreet, n.d.).

I experienced Color Street through a friend and colleague, Lindsey. The nail strip sales company has a multitude of colors and nail art to mix and match. This is an amazing way to have beautiful nails without the constant cost of the salon.

Social media has helped Lindsey grow her team’s business to over $12 million in sales.  On nail polish y’all!!! That is amazing!  The post below is an example of how simply she uses social media to prove the ease of using her products.

I always love seeing what her new manicures look like, and her posts have most definitely led me to try these gorgeous nails for myself!

Younique,- an all-natural beauty product/ makeup company focused on making women feel beautiful inside and out.

I had a brief stint in the MLM world. While there are many conflicting stories of people’s journeys online, I have nothing negative to say about my experience. I met some wonderful women, learned more about social media and got to experience quality products. I witnessed the experience truly change the lives of some of these women. Younique is a Utah based makeup/ beauty product company. It was an excellent way for me to earn income while I stayed at home with my young baby.

The social media aspect of the business structure with Younique made a social media marketer out of me quickly. With the help of my mentor, I learned to host virtual parties, schedule my posts on a dashboard, and set up my network to engage the right clientele in the most efficient way. Plus, I LOVED their makeup.

Telling my story and letting people join me to "get ready" felt natural and easy.

This brings me to an important point…

IF joining a MLM company interests you, find a product you are passionate about so the recruiting process comes naturally to you. Recruiting truly is the key to these companies and monetary growth.

Other noteworthy MLM brands: Beauty Counter, Arbonne, Beachbody and so many more.

If there is a topic or hobby that drives you, I guarantee there is an MLM company that you could incorporate into your journey/ story. Whether it is supplements, essential oils, makeup or nail polish- these opportunities are exactly what some people are looking for; be it for a short term goal (vacation, wedding) or extra long-term income.

It takes hard work and dedication, no doubt. But with the added awareness and engagement provided by tapping into one’s social media community, the ability to reach the top ranks is at your fingertips.





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Building a Mental Health Community through Social Media

MIEND (Mend)

MIEND TV (pronounced Mend), is the brain child of Julie Korioth.  Julie has always felt strongly about helping others. This feeling led her to get her Masters in Counseling at St. Edward’s University. And for years, her life seemed perfect- from the outside. Her own struggles have convinced her of the need for a community where the topic of Mental Health has no stigma.

Her journey to sobriety and healing is inspiring.  Now, Julie is reaching out to others willing to share their stories surrounding mental health.  The goal of MIEND is to create a safe space for people to share and learn from one another.

“I believe that by mending minds through stories, we can inspire others and create a new path and freedom for our mental health.” – Julie Korioth

Julie shares her own story on her blog: Through that sharing, her goal is to help others realize they are not alone.


How is Social Media Important in Your Process?

Social media has been her primary platform for spreading her message.  She started with a personal site and Facebook page. “I was not expecting as many people to reach out and respond as they have.” Due to the immediate interest, she created her Facebook business page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram and YouTube channels. This early success proves that she has found a subject that affects us all. She has enlisted “Storytellers,” and vlogs the experience of these brave people sharing their own mental health experience.

Her first “Storyteller” was Rachel Dickson.

Rachel is a local children’s author, artist and entrepreneur.

Rachel shared her story about losing her brother and how it changed her life. As a woman, wife and mother she knew she needed to delve into the grief and sadness in order to heal.  Her story is so relatable and heartfelt.

Watch Rachel’s story here:


Casey McPherson is a renaissance man.

He is an Austin musician, father, pianist, Founder of To Cure a Rose organization and the Music Director at Riverbend Church.

He, too, suffered in the wake of family suicide and his grief led to self-destruction. His  music and  lyrics  are hauntingly beautiful and offer a glimpse into his pain.

The resilience of spirit is evident when listening to his story. The idea that many people do not discuss mental health or know where to turn is a sad truth. The stigma that can be associated keeps some from the help they need.


CK Chin- Austin Restauranteur, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

CK shared his story around learning to balance his life, business and struggle with ADD.  His tips for clarity were simple and powerful. “Be Self-Aware.” “Don’t Subscribe to Comparison” and “Make Time” are just a few of the mantras I will be trying to incorporate in my daily life.

Some people’s journeys are tragic, some people struggle with the day to day. CK proposes we ask ourselves, “Do I feel balanced?”


Mental Health has affected us all…

It does not discriminate. We have all been affected or love someone that has.  Rachel’s painting, “Out of Controversy,” while created to raise awareness and funds for the #BLM movement, is an important depiction for this cause as well.

Art by Rachel Dickson- “Out of Controversy”

“While struggles with mental health were traditionally kept private, in recent years a growing number of sufferers are adopting the opposite tack: sharing their mental health battles with the world, via social media,” (Lofton, 2019).   Many celebrities have taken to social platforms to discuss their own struggles and increase awareness.

Julie is determined to help others through sharing stories. Due to the infinite network possibility of social media, it can prove to be a catalyst for change. If organizations like MIEND can help turn the tide of mental health awareness and acceptance, we can stop shaming and start healing.


Julie ended our interview with an Irish word that embodies what she is attempting to accomplish with Miend.

“Meitheal is about community and acceptance, where people come together to help each other and by doing that they are helped in return.”

While many are focused on the destructive nature of social media on our mental health, some organizations, like MIEND, are proving that we can come together for good.



If you or someone you know has talked about contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


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Building a Brand through Connection

5 Tips to Create Your Brand on Social Media

Ladies (and Gents) we all need a place to escape. We need a place to let the stress of our daily lives melt away. For some it is church, for others it is therapy, but for many women in and around the Dripping Springs area, their place is Blushing Belle Beauty Bar.

What began as a dream of a very talented esthetician and military wife in Hawaii has become a mecca in Dripping Springs women flock to for comradery, beauty expertise and confidence. Mandi Winburn is a brand.

When walking into “the Belle” you are instantly drawn in by the soft music and calming blush and navy environment. A wall of greenery, fresh candles and beautifully curated pieces are on display.

You can feel the tension leaving your body.

These women are family to many and LOVE what they do. Mandi has instilled the priority in her team that the “experience” of their clients starts the moment they open the door.  This beauty maven is building her brand in ALL the right ways.

Everything in this beauty spa has a purpose.

Whereas most beauty shops have esthetician tables for lash extensions or facial services, leaving the clients feeling exposed, Mandi decided on beautifully cozy recliners. They feel  homey especially when paired with the cozy blankets. These touches add to the ambiance creating a feeling of safety and relaxation  for their clientele.  

Mandi’s Tips for Building Your Brand

1. Know Your Target Audience.

Mandi’s friend and client, Rachel Hollis is a branding genius and business mogul (Girl Wash Your Face!).  With Rachel’s mentorship Mandi learned the importance of building your ideal buyer persona. Part of her process was naming that persona. “Susan” is now the key to many of Mandi’s buyer trips, marketing decisions and strategy.

2. Brand Yourself.

This was the best and hardest thing Mandi learned.  Make yourself the brand. “The more relatable you are, the more you can be REAL, not just about the pretty things but also the HARD things, the more it will resonate with your customers.”

As a private person this did not come naturally to her at first but has made a tremendous difference in her business.  She uses Instagram Stories to have “chats” and “try-ons” for her customers.  This has drastically increased her e-commerce sales and customer interactions.

3. “Social Media is my entire business.”

Mandi has worked diligently to build a cohesive social media presence. As you can see below, her posts have an overall aesthetic. The inspiring quotes are always on a blush background and are posted strategically in between photos of the offered services and clothing boutique (Lovie Rae).  Lovie Rae is her e-commerce boutique that has been her latest successful endeavor. Using her “Susan” persona, she chooses pieces that fly off her shelves.

Mandi recommends keeping your Instagram page as a catalog with real photos, quotes,  and content that is soothing visually. The easier it is for your brain to scroll through the pictures the longer a customer remains on your site or page.  “While your page should be a catalog, keep your Stories about the REAL you.”

She also has followed the Gary Vee philosophy of “Jab, jab, jab, right hook.” (See last week’s post for similarities). Engaging with her customers is key to her business.  A Social media dashboard, Plannerly, makes her social presence possible as a busy business owner. She uses photos, videos and surveys to determine customer interest and ideas.  In turn, when clients comment on posts or videos, the Instagram algorithms then keep her in the top of her customers’ feeds.  Win-win!!

4. Email Marketing Consistency.

Mandi uses relatable emails that pair with her cohesive Social Media branding. She tells her brand story through consistent email campaigns. She offers expert tips and tricks. Her followers adore her curated Amazon lists.  She gives customers helpful information, creating value, and only occasionally asks for their business. Offered value leads to trust.

5. It is All about Connection.

Her goal is to make all her clients feel beautiful and safe. By creating this safe space to share in the boutique or online, she has created a loyal customer base.

She understands the needs of a busy woman and mother (her “Susan”) and longs to make her life easier, whether that be by offering multiple services at once (lash fill and jelly facial) or by offering her online boutique where an overworked woman can buy beautiful items shipped straight to her home.

She has built a brand women trust and her goals don’t stop there.

Mandi pours her heart and soul into her business AND her people.  Her laughter is infectious. She has been able to truly manifest her vision and it is an awesome thing to behold.  Her openness and honesty are refreshing and inspiring.

Go see for yourself!

On Social:


Vaynerchuk, G. ( November 2013). Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World. Harper Business.


How To Leverage Your Connections To Grow Your Business- Realtor Edition

In these polarizing times, connection can seem daunting. Owning a successful business takes even more from an entrepreneur than before. The importance of relationships cannot be denied when dealing with increasing your business, especially during a quarantine.  This week I interview Brad & Stephanie Alexander, the power couple behind Alexander Home Team.

Brad & Stephanie run a thriving real estate business and rely heavily on relationship-building and social media  to remain foremost in their clients’ minds.

In our interview I learned that Brad is a true local, growing up in Hays County. He was a football coach before his career in real estate began, which shines through in many of his personal Facebook Live videos

(link to above:

Stephanie, a dance teacher turned realtor, is from El Paso, TX. Brad jokes that when they got married and both moved back to the area, Stephanie was known as Brad’s wife.  Now everyone knows him as Stephanie’s husband. Networking at it’s finest, Stephanie!

As a team they focus on Relational versus Transactional Real Estate customer relationships. Overall, 92% of their revenue can be traced back to personal relationships. While only 8% of their business is based on unknown leads, they are taking steps to grow that side of their business as well. They have devoted their energy and talents to become one of Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Licensed Providers (ELP). Based on the Dave Ramsey “Stamp of Approval,” potential clients trust that the Alexander Home Team personify excellence. This trust creates VALUE and RESPECT for their brand.

Why is this important? I learned in this interview that while 90% of customers claim they will use the same realtor for their next home sale or purchase, only 13% actually do.  That kind of discrepancy means hustle and connection are crucial in their line of business.

One way Alexander Home Team use social media to grow their sphere of influence is by being a resource to their community. The video link above is an example. Brad offers his expertise on the market, school board, taxes and so much more through his Facebook Live presence. He has gained quite a following.

Stephanie has compiled a list of Go-To vendors that she refers out to her online audience and personal network. If you need a plumber/ electrician/ dentist/ etc. in the area, Stephanie has a connection.  She is quick to make referrals and help her clients and friends any way she can.

Alexander Home Team believes in sharing their expertise in a “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” approach, based on Gary Vaynerchuk’s book.


“Jabs are the value you provide your customers with: the content you put out, the good things you do to convey your appreciation. And the right hook is the ask: it’s when you go in for the sale, ask for a subscribe, ask for a donation,” (Vaynerchuk, 2016).


So, what is the big difference between Relational and Transactional selling ? TIME.  As business owners it is nice to have both right? Well, yes. But the longevity of the customer relationship relies on building trust and accountability. That does not happen overnight.

As a team (they are growing, YAY!) their authentic, hard-working approach has gained them as many friends as clients.

As 2021 takes off, I asked what their goals were for the year.  Their response involves harnessing the power of their social network and local community. They intend to grow their team and “work smarter, not harder in 2021.”




Vaynerchuk, G. (2016). Gary Vaynerchuk blog: The one thing I didn’t clarify enough in Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.  Retrieved from:

Why Connection is KEY to Growing Your Business.

Welcome to my new blog The Connection Factor.

This is where we will delve into the importance of connection in our career and lives.

Connection is critical to our human nature.

Whether we long to connect in our personal lives or professional, relationship-building is a core component to many successful sales professionals.

This is extremely evident in our current pandemic culture. Without being able to see our clients (or vendors), our rapport has been a touchstone and tool, allowing us to remain engaged in a time of quarantine.

What is Relationship Selling?

According to  EveryoneSocial, it is “a human interaction, where the salesperson generally cares about connecting with their customer or buyer,” (Kunsman, 2020).

Though it is an important selling technique, one can look past the JOB and build a network of respected colleagues, mentors and friends.


 1.Be Authentic. Consider how you would prefer to be approached. Do you prefer an aggressive “salesy” interaction or a more natural conversation? Exactly.

2. Be a Good Listener. Listen, Listen, Listen. People will generally tell you EXACTLY what you/ they need. Listening allows you the opportunity to find common ground, likes/ dislikes and hobbies. If there are any obstacles to your process, listen and learn why.

3. Take Your Time. Play the long game. True relationship- building does not happen overnight. Some connections happen faster than others so stay the course.

4. Be Consistent. Show up and be accountable. Trust is built in action. Be a person others can rely on to do what they say they will do. Then go the extra mile.

5. Be a Resource. Find ways to bring value to the relationship. This could be through advice, referrals or even as a sounding board. Creating a 2-way ACTIVE relationship ensures value and longevity.

Throughout my career I have learned the “softer side of sales” has earned me not only longer, loyal customer relationships, but true friendships as well.

I challenge you to make your relationships a priority.


Kunsman, T. (April 2020). Blog. Why Relationship Selling is STILL One of the Most Important Tactics Salespeople Need to Master. Retrieved from:

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