Building a Brand through Connection

5 Tips to Create Your Brand on Social Media

Ladies (and Gents) we all need a place to escape. We need a place to let the stress of our daily lives melt away. For some it is church, for others it is therapy, but for many women in and around the Dripping Springs area, their place is Blushing Belle Beauty Bar.

What began as a dream of a very talented esthetician and military wife in Hawaii has become a mecca in Dripping Springs women flock to for comradery, beauty expertise and confidence. Mandi Winburn is a brand.

When walking into “the Belle” you are instantly drawn in by the soft music and calming blush and navy environment. A wall of greenery, fresh candles and beautifully curated pieces are on display.

You can feel the tension leaving your body.

These women are family to many and LOVE what they do. Mandi has instilled the priority in her team that the “experience” of their clients starts the moment they open the door.  This beauty maven is building her brand in ALL the right ways.

Everything in this beauty spa has a purpose.

Whereas most beauty shops have esthetician tables for lash extensions or facial services, leaving the clients feeling exposed, Mandi decided on beautifully cozy recliners. They feel  homey especially when paired with the cozy blankets. These touches add to the ambiance creating a feeling of safety and relaxation  for their clientele.  

Mandi’s Tips for Building Your Brand

1. Know Your Target Audience.

Mandi’s friend and client, Rachel Hollis is a branding genius and business mogul (Girl Wash Your Face!).  With Rachel’s mentorship Mandi learned the importance of building your ideal buyer persona. Part of her process was naming that persona. “Susan” is now the key to many of Mandi’s buyer trips, marketing decisions and strategy.

2. Brand Yourself.

This was the best and hardest thing Mandi learned.  Make yourself the brand. “The more relatable you are, the more you can be REAL, not just about the pretty things but also the HARD things, the more it will resonate with your customers.”

As a private person this did not come naturally to her at first but has made a tremendous difference in her business.  She uses Instagram Stories to have “chats” and “try-ons” for her customers.  This has drastically increased her e-commerce sales and customer interactions.

3. “Social Media is my entire business.”

Mandi has worked diligently to build a cohesive social media presence. As you can see below, her posts have an overall aesthetic. The inspiring quotes are always on a blush background and are posted strategically in between photos of the offered services and clothing boutique (Lovie Rae).  Lovie Rae is her e-commerce boutique that has been her latest successful endeavor. Using her “Susan” persona, she chooses pieces that fly off her shelves.

Mandi recommends keeping your Instagram page as a catalog with real photos, quotes,  and content that is soothing visually. The easier it is for your brain to scroll through the pictures the longer a customer remains on your site or page.  “While your page should be a catalog, keep your Stories about the REAL you.”

She also has followed the Gary Vee philosophy of “Jab, jab, jab, right hook.” (See last week’s post for similarities). Engaging with her customers is key to her business.  A Social media dashboard, Plannerly, makes her social presence possible as a busy business owner. She uses photos, videos and surveys to determine customer interest and ideas.  In turn, when clients comment on posts or videos, the Instagram algorithms then keep her in the top of her customers’ feeds.  Win-win!!

4. Email Marketing Consistency.

Mandi uses relatable emails that pair with her cohesive Social Media branding. She tells her brand story through consistent email campaigns. She offers expert tips and tricks. Her followers adore her curated Amazon lists.  She gives customers helpful information, creating value, and only occasionally asks for their business. Offered value leads to trust.

5. It is All about Connection.

Her goal is to make all her clients feel beautiful and safe. By creating this safe space to share in the boutique or online, she has created a loyal customer base.

She understands the needs of a busy woman and mother (her “Susan”) and longs to make her life easier, whether that be by offering multiple services at once (lash fill and jelly facial) or by offering her online boutique where an overworked woman can buy beautiful items shipped straight to her home.

She has built a brand women trust and her goals don’t stop there.

Mandi pours her heart and soul into her business AND her people.  Her laughter is infectious. She has been able to truly manifest her vision and it is an awesome thing to behold.  Her openness and honesty are refreshing and inspiring.

Go see for yourself!

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