Why Connection is KEY to Growing Your Business.

Welcome to my new blog The Connection Factor.

This is where we will delve into the importance of connection in our career and lives.

Connection is critical to our human nature.

Whether we long to connect in our personal lives or professional, relationship-building is a core component to many successful sales professionals.

This is extremely evident in our current pandemic culture. Without being able to see our clients (or vendors), our rapport has been a touchstone and tool, allowing us to remain engaged in a time of quarantine.

What is Relationship Selling?

According to  EveryoneSocial, it is “a human interaction, where the salesperson generally cares about connecting with their customer or buyer,” (Kunsman, 2020).

Though it is an important selling technique, one can look past the JOB and build a network of respected colleagues, mentors and friends.


 1.Be Authentic. Consider how you would prefer to be approached. Do you prefer an aggressive “salesy” interaction or a more natural conversation? Exactly.

2. Be a Good Listener. Listen, Listen, Listen. People will generally tell you EXACTLY what you/ they need. Listening allows you the opportunity to find common ground, likes/ dislikes and hobbies. If there are any obstacles to your process, listen and learn why.

3. Take Your Time. Play the long game. True relationship- building does not happen overnight. Some connections happen faster than others so stay the course.

4. Be Consistent. Show up and be accountable. Trust is built in action. Be a person others can rely on to do what they say they will do. Then go the extra mile.

5. Be a Resource. Find ways to bring value to the relationship. This could be through advice, referrals or even as a sounding board. Creating a 2-way ACTIVE relationship ensures value and longevity.

Throughout my career I have learned the “softer side of sales” has earned me not only longer, loyal customer relationships, but true friendships as well.

I challenge you to make your relationships a priority.


Kunsman, T. (April 2020). Blog. Why Relationship Selling is STILL One of the Most Important Tactics Salespeople Need to Master. Retrieved from: https://www.everyonesocial.com/blog/relationship-selling/

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