Make your move in green

If you’re headed to campus this week, take advantage of these tips to make your move in fast, easy, and more sustainable.

Only pack what you need
Moving will take less time (very important when it’s hot outside) and you’ll have less to pack when it comes time to move out in May.

Buy used
If you need any appliances or furniture, try local resale shops instead of buying new. Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Austin Pets Alive all have resale shops near campus.

Pack in reusable bags or containers
Skip cardboard and use reusable bags and containers to pack what you need. Duffle bags, laundry baskets, even your backpack can all be used to move your things to campus. Plus, they’ll take up less space when folded away.

If you do use cardboard . . .
Consider breaking down your boxes and storing them under your bed or at the back of a closet to reuse when you move out. If you need to dispose of cardboard boxes, please flatten the boxes and place them in marked recycling containers or recycling dumpsters near your residence hall.

Recycle your styrofoam
Your new items may be packed in styrofoam to protect them. You can recycle the styrofoam by dropping it off in the collection box located in John Brooks Williams

Natural Sciences Center North, outside of room 120. Remember to remove all tape and labels. Unfortunately, no packing peanuts are accepted.

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