New App Lets Bicyclists Help City Officials Crowd-Source Travel Data to Make Biking in Austin Better

If you’re one of Austin’s many bicyclists, you can now help City of Austin officials make your rides even better, just by having your phone with you! The Ride Report app is a free “trip-tracking app for iPhone (Android version is in beta mode and can be tested here) that lets Austin bicyclists effortlessly provide feedback on the stress levels of their bike routes.” Once the app is downloaded, it will passively engage when you’re on your bike and track your route. Once you’ve reached your destination, Ride Report will ask you how stressful or not stressful the ride was. “This information (the bicycle route, the time of the bicycle ride, and your stress during the ride) is aggregated to create a never-before-seen Austin bicycle map showing both stress and level of use (see Ride Report’s map of Portland, Oregon).”

Click here to read more about the exciting app and how you can help improve Austin’s green transportation scene!