#EarthToParis: MSEM Students in Angers, France, Send Video Message of Support to Climate Change Conference

As world leaders gather this week in Paris for the COP21 conference, they are receiving countless messages of support and solidarity from around the world. One of those messages is from our very own Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Management and Sustainability (MSEM) students currently studying abroad in Angers, France at the Université catholique de l’Ouest. Messages sent to world leaders at the conference were attached to the hashtag #EarthToParis (check out our previous blog on the movement here), but the students shared some of their favorite environmentally-related hashtags to demonstrate specific causes that are important to them in this video.

Our enthusiastic MSEM students aren’t the only Hilltoppers getting involved with COP21 though. Chris Jackson, a senior Chemistry major here at St. Edward’s and president of our American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Affiliate Chapter, has been selected as one of eight students from around the country to represent ACS as a student ambassador at COP21. Check out this blog for more information on Chris, his research, and what he’ll be presenting to world leaders at the conference!