Optimization, Dashboards, and Engagement with Twitter!

As I have stated in my previous blog posts, I have focused on Twitter for the past three weeks. This will be the last post that focuses on Twitter.

I found a useful site that breaks down how to effectively use Twitter whether you are an individual or company. If you are looking to specifically learn how to use Twitter for personal use-definitely check out this site – 1st web designer. In this particular post I will focus on how to effectively use Twitter through a company perspective.

Three of the tips by 1st web designer that stood out to me were optimization, making use of dashboards, and engagement.

  1. Optimization is defined as “an act, process, or methodology of making something as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible.” Optimization and tweets go hand in hand. Why? Because you only have 140 characters to get your message across to your target audience! This is a tip that my client will highly benefit from. A particular source that allows me to optimize my tweets is Bitly.  Bitly shortens URLs, which will be a good resource for my client to use! Also, Bitly can track a links performance. My client wishes to share information such as scholarship, internship, and job opportunities to their alumni network. This involves posting various link sources to their tweets. My client can benefit from a site like this because they can keep track of how often their audience actually clicks and uses the information they share on Twitter. Remember optimization is key.
  2. Make use of dashboards: As my client begins to grow their use of various social media outlets, they will need to  make use of dashbaords. Dashboards make it easier to manage all of the profiles you have at one time, instead of having to individually pay attention to each one at a time. A good source is HootSuite. HootSuite, as stated on their site, “enhances your social media management.”
  3. Engage: Engagement is something that I hope my client makes their priority. By engaging your audience, it personalizes your brand and I believe brings more traffic to your social media outlets. With Twitter, you can do this by replying to someone, retweeting, and direct messaging. Engagement is key; simply relying on content that you post is not enough.


I hope these three tips help some of you all as they have helped me! Remember to check out Bitly, HootSuite, and 1st Web Designer!

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