Alright, so now we are back to the Twitter conversation I started off previously!

I never imagined how effective and amazing Twitter is until now. It is an incredible social media outlet that I often overlooked and feel that others might too. However, reading up on all the features Twitter has and how to effectively use them all is something entirely different for me. All in all-Twitter is pretty cool!

While on my Twitter search, I read up on an article by Mashable is “a leading source for news, information, and resources for the Connected Generation.” Definitely take the time to read up on some of their content; it’s super helpful and easy to read!

This particular article focused on how helpful Twitter can be for those in the Public Relations field, but I still found a way to connect it to my client, the Foundation for the Education of Young Women.

“The PR Pro’s Guide to Twitter” listed the top 5 things Twitter users should do and take advantage of, however I only focused on a couple!

  • Find Your Next Job

–          One way my client can use Twitter to their advantage is by retweeting and connecting their alumni to businesses that are hiring! Their focus is to enrich their alumnae network by being an active support system. One thing we are focusing on is their content, and by providing access to these job postings, their alumni can definitely benefit from them AND my client’s page outreach will increase significantly!

–          Here’s an example of a job posting I found on Twitter just by looking up the hashtag #jobs and #hiring!

twitter jobs

  • Offer a Behind-the Scenes Glimpse

–          Mashable also focused on offering your audience (or followers in this case) some experiences that can help “strengthen your own network and help humanize the brand you represent.”

–          I definitely feel that my client does an exceptional job with the “humanizing the brand” aspect. Their social media interns provide a very friendly and sincere environment for the alumni to share their own stories, opinions, and updates! However, I think the foundation should start providing an ACTUAL behind-the scenes glimpse to what they do! I’d like to encourage them to post about fundraisers, scholarships, and what is going on in their office headquarters. It’ll definitely show the hard work they put in, in order to provide such an amazing experience for their alumni and sister schools.


Twitter, you’re amazing!

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