Using Facebook On a Mobile Device

In this week’s blog post, I decided to analyze the way my client, the Foundation for the Education of Young Women, uses the social media outlet…Facebook in relation to mobile users!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my client is aiming to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to their fullest potential. In their particular case, they use Facebook Group to reach out to their various school alumnae from Texas in order to keep them connected to one another.

Using Facebook on a Mobile Device: The content that is shared on the Facebook Group page by the social media interns should be taken a look at closely. Smartphone devices are very popular and the way some of the content is displayed on them can look differently on a desktop computer. I personally do not own a smartphone, but all of my friends and almost everyone around me does! So paying attention to this rather important detail will bring out a greater response to the way my client’s audience responds to certain posts they publish.

The Flurry Blog provided some interesting facts and figures as I did some research for what smartphone mobile users used the most on their devices.


If it isn’t obvious to us all, mobile use will continue to grow each year in terms of social apps. Facebook is known to be one of the most popular social networking apps and as we can see from these figures, social networking is the second most frequently used thing on mobile devices.

I took a closer look at the content that is shared and posted on the Facebook Group on behalf of my client’s social media interns and various alumnae. Many posts include image posts, link shares, the use of hashtags, and video content (TED talks, Youtube videos, etc.) to name a few. Some of the content is shared “via mobile device” while in others it is not stated.

In order to help my client, I will propose that they ask their Facebook Group audience through a poll of some sort if they tend to use their mobile devices more often when accessing the Group page. With this information I hope to better inform and help my client reach their potential when my group presents our workshop in the Spring!

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  1. kcastil8 says:

    Great Job! I like how your consider assisting your client in a specific areas vs. general areas. In addition, I like how you provided research. By providing research you assure your client that you indeed care and are well prepared.

  2. Apvision says:

    Good informative read, Thank you so much for nice information…..

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