Some advice from Chapman!

This week we will continue to talk about how my client, the Foundation for the Education of Young Women, can continue to further develop their use of Facebook!

As I searched the web for some useful Facebook Group advice, I came across a particular blog run by a man named Ian David Chapman. In a particular post he talks about the “10 Steps To Make Your Facebook Group Go Viral.” which peaked my interest because one of the problems my client is facing is trying to recruit all of their potential Facebook members in the beginning of the Fall season each year.

Some of the steps I came across, I found applicable to my client’s situation.

Step 4) As stated by Chapman which is “Target Your Initial Members” is very fitting. He basically goes on to state that “you need to choose people who are dynamic on Facebook…” and “people who have huge followings…” Each Fall my client attempts to recruit all High School seniors who will be alumnae the following year from their chain of sister schools in order to welcome them to the growing network of alumnae. However, they mentioned that it is difficult for them because despite having certain page administrators, that were previous alumnae, invite the new alumnae to the page, the new alumnae still do not join the Facebook Group.

I realized a solution to their problem.

Each year, they should add a college freshman onto their team of page administrators and have them specifically assigned to recruit the High School seniors for that year. This way they will have a greater connection with that senior since they just graduated from the same High School. Therefore it creates a much more welcoming environment and a greater turn out of members will join the Facebook Group!

Another favorite “step” stated by Chapman is Step 6) which states “Turn Your Group Launch Into An Event.” Here he states, “By turning your group launch into an event you automatically stand out and get noticed.” I have a close connection with my client because I am an alumnae from their chain of sister schools! In order for them to get a greater response from their High School Seniors, they can definitely use this step to an advantage.

Senior year is full of events specifically geared FOR SENIORS! Signing day, graduation, homecoming and various other events that the sister schools have. At these events, my client should advertise the Facebook Group and their other social media outlets. It will create a “hype” that will encourage their potential members to become a part of this growing network that they strive will be effective for a long period of time!

I will continue to analyze some of Chapman’s steps during this week in a follow up post!

Remember, please stop by and visit I have got to admit, the content on that blog is exceptional and a good example for me to follow as a beginner “blogger!”




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