Creating Hyperlinks: Internal vs. External

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Get an overview of SEO basics here if you need to understand where I am coming from on this blog post. 

Internal Linking

When people search throughout your website and go to different pages, they are using an internal link system. This is important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You want people to stay on your website as long as possible. It is important to work on linking pages to other pages on your website. This will increase your page rank through the clicks per link on each page. Through this process, your website’s page rank will increase. By this, I mean your website will go up in rank on search engine sites’ results. When people search for a topic and your website is one of the top sites to come up on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, this is great for your brand. This increases your brand’s awareness because more people are likely to go to your site for information. In addition, it is important to increase your SEO because it improves your brand image. What I mean by this is that the overall image will increase because if your rank goes up, more people use your site for information, and your website receives more credibility or authenticity organically. Because the website is associated with your brand, your brand’s credibility and authenticity increases as well.

Efficient navigation

Is key to keep people on your website. If they cannot search through archives, an internal search engine, or find helpful links, they will probably get annoyed, frustrated, and simply leave your website. This is the LAST thing you want in terms of increasing your SEO. Be sure that there are helpful hyperlinks within your internal network to increase navigation efficiency.

External Linking

This is another way to increase your brand’s image. External hyperlinks establish and reinforce credibility for your website and brand.  Having these external links will not only increase your legitimacy but increase your page rank (traffic). This is where your networking skills need to be utilized. Stay connected and use your brand’s credibility, once established, to have other websites link to your website. This will pump up your page rank.   Amanda explains in her article that a company will allow an outside writer to write articles on their company’s website in exchange for a hyperlink to that company’s page.

Any more questions? Leave a comment. I recommend you check out these SEO blogs too.

Happy Linking! 😉


From WordPress to Millions

Less than a decade ago, the Internet started booming with social media. Trends, likes, hashtags, retweets all brings the cyber community together at lighting speed! Interestingly enough the bloggers got creative and some even became extremely successful. OneExtraPixel gives a list of 10 entrepreneurs that used WordPress as a launch pad for makin’ the big bucks. Anything from discount codes to how to invest in stocks has made these young people rich.

Ingenuity and specificity of your blog makes you an attractive blogger. In my social media couse, I’ve quickly learned the complexity of blogging. It’s not so much a challenge. It just allows you to take so many different avenues for your blog. The theme, layout, colors, font (typeface 😉 ) and various media input options give you so many combination options. It’s every creative person’s dream on a screen!

Besides creativity, it’s great for the organized people out there. Cyberspace might have an overload of information, but the one thing that helps us different users are the trends. The ability to search for exactly what you want AND when you want the information. Info at your fingertips. AND it’s typically free! Doesn’t get much better than that. . . especially for college folks like me.

Some of the trends I find myself following are fitness, jazz music, and the latest fashion loves. I find that these typically have cool, inspiring quotes. Whether they be lyrics to a song sung by the flawless Ella Fitzgerald, the quotes of the top designers, or photo inspirations with great workout tips on Instagram…I’m down with whatever can make my day better!

Here’s a view great cites:

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So basically this week has been learning all these details about blogging and figuring out where I’m gonna take this blog this semester. I’ve decided I’m gonna try to make these posts interesting by using the topics I learn each week and mixing in a personal flare to the posts. How does ‘My life as a Public Relations Student’ sound to you? Too broad or specific enough? Not quite sure yet. Just gonna roll with it for now and see where this next week takes me. Hopefully something more specific will come to me so I can stand out against all these creative people…especially the talented peeps in my class.


Be prepared cyber world people… awesome blogs coming your way for SEU students!  You’ve been warned 😉