The Social “Buzz” of Borderfest

Now that Valentines Day has come and gone and you find yourself stuffed full of sweets and treats, the thought of another festival may make you cringe. Well no need to worry, some authentic Mexican food is sure to help settle down some of your Valentines Days sugar coma. February 28th through March the 3rd, Kraft Foods is sponsoring the 2013 Borderfest in Hidalgo, Texas. Borderfest will be celebrating the Culture and Treasures of Mexico through a variety of live performances, authentic Mexican cuisine, various guest speakers, and so much more.

Borderfest is getting a huge amount of media attention, with Kraft Foods as its’ primary sponsor. Borderfest has an impressive website, that is professional and user friendly. Along with a few thousand likes on Facebook and a few hundred followers on Twitter, Borderfest is quickly starting to trend on various social media sites. In fact they are even using their Twitter and Facebook to engage users and to raffle off a trip to Cancun, which is how I found out about Borderfest.  In addition to using Twitter and Facebook to gain media attention, Borderfest is also using Youtube and Foursquare, which not many other festivals do. With almost all of the large social media sites covered, Borderfest opens themselves to an opportunity to connect with various different demographics. In my opinion Borderfest, is doing a superb job marketing themselves through the use of social media.

So if you are in the mood for some authentic Mexican cuisine or would like to submerse yourself in the rich Mexican culture, head to Hidalgo, Texas between February the 28th and March 3rd to attend Borderfest! If the Texas border seems like a bit of a drive to you, be sure to still enter the Borderfest contest for a change to win a trip to Cancun, Mexico on any one of the Borderfest social media sites.

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