Running Texas, Through Social Media

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer and the blue skies are coming back to Texas, it is hard to resist wanting to spend every moment outside. For many Texans springtime means getting up, getting outside, and getting in shape. What better way to enjoy the nice weather and get active than going for a run? This Thursday the 28th of February, City Running Tours in Austin, Texas is hosting a “Texas 5k Beer Running Tour”. For those of legal drinking age, this tour gathers runners of all levels and provides the group with a “tour guide” who will lead the pack of runners on a guided running tour through Austin, making pits stops along the way to catch a sip or two of some of Austin’s finest local brews along the way. Talk about a creative spin on the classic “jog around the park”!

You might be thinking, Wow this is great, especially with spring break quickly approaching, but what does public relations have to do with throwing a few back while running through the streets of Austin? Well, actually public relations and the media is a huge factor in the rising popularity in these “Beer Runs” that are taking place not only in Texas, but in other states as well. In fact, City Running Tours, the company who created this brilliant idea has been featured on The Today Show, and is endorsed by:  Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Running In The USA, Clif Bar, Ignite Naturals, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, just to name a few.

City Running Tours have embraced social media, reaching new audiences through their Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and Dailymile pages. Especially since they are focused on attracting young active individuals, what better way to gain their attention than, offering incentives, promotions, and new events through their social media outlets.

For runners in particular, the social media site Dailymile is basically like a “Facebook/Twitter” catered to the running community, where runners can interact, share pictures, videos, maps of trails, and share how many miles they ran that day. Overall, I think this is a great way to use social media to get people to get motivated about running and gather people who love running together.  City Running Tours, is doing an excellent job staying one pace ahead by using social media and social media is doing a wonderful job catering to runners. Get up and get moving this Thursday in Austin Texas, with the “Touring Texas 5k Beer Running Tour”!


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  1. amusi says:

    This is my first time viewing your blog and I really think you have a great concept! Tying in Texas events and PR is a great idea, because you are not only informing locals of various events going on but also relating it to PR. If I was runner I would love to know about a helpful social media site specifically for my interest like ‘DailyMile.’ Helpful info for people!

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