Weaving Conservation into Corporation

Since I have stated at Texan by Nature, I have been so glad to see and learn about how they work to convince local corporate businesses to include conservation in their business framework. I’ve had the chance to work with all of the big programs that Texan by Nature offers to the public.

The Certification program works to find local businesses and projects that are working to make some kind of conservation change in the community. I had the chance to look for and reach out to some businesses and local groups that qualified for the program. I also got the chance to sit in on one of the phone calls with one of the potential groups that wanted to get certified and see how the application process goes. They haven’t fully submitted yet, but I am excited to see how their application turns out and if they are able to get the certification.

I have also been assigned to focus on a couple of the Conservation Wranglers that work with Texan by Nature (TxN). Conservation Wranglers are local and corporate business that apply to receive assistance for their conservation initiatives. I was assigned to work with Ducks Unlimited and Friends of RGV Reef to help them find new ways to increase their social media presence, and what they can do to reach a broader audience. A lot of the conservation groups that are part of the Conservation Wrangler Program are smaller environmental groups that just need some infrastructure help from TxN.

I have also gotten a chance to work with the Texan by Nature 20 (TxN 20). These are all large or small business that are doing even better and greater things than those that are in the certification program. (I cannot talk about which companies are in the TxN 20 yes since they get announced to the public at the summit.) All of these companies have strong systems in place that help alleviate pollution or run-off. I was surprised to see many companies work closely with a non-profit like TxN to get their conservation efforts recognized.

I will also have a chance to attend the TxN Summit in Dallas. This is a large event where the TxN 20 come and present the amazing work that they’ve done. These 20 members are hand-picked by TxN to be put on display for everyone to attends the Gala to see. People from all walks of life attend the Summit. Some of them are local CEO’s, investors, and some are just very interested in the work that TxN does. I’m very excited to be able to see the amazing work that the TxN 20 are doing and network with all of the people there that are interested in conservation. I think that this event will be the most important for me throughout this internship and I feel that I am prepared to try to make some strong professional connections.

Overall, I feel that I have learned and experienced a lot while at TxN, and I know that I still have a lot ahead of me. The included picture is the instagram post that TxN posted when I got hired.



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