FALL 2022

First month as a paralegal

Written by Anapaula Arjona


I secured this internship opportunity at the start of September, the law firm I am currently employed in is Sandoval and James Law Firm.  They deal with motor vehicle accidents.  I work in the medical records and billing department, making sure the client’s file is completed with all the paperwork necessary to settle the case for them.  On a daily basis I work with a specific list of clients given to me, and I send out medical records and billing requests to the many different facilities that they may have listed or that they may have attended.  When I have sent out all of them, I check what some clients are missing on their file, meaning what records or billing they are missing.  I then proceed to follow up with the specific facilities and ask for the status of the records or billing.  What surprised me about working in this field is the amount of things needed to settle a case for a client.   While I do not work that closely to my supervisor, I do get along really well with the other paralegals that work beside me in the same department.  One of my colleagues that had worked there the longest recently left the office to pursue another job opportunity, and while I am happy for her, the rest of us did rely very heavily on her, since she was the one that knew the most about how things work and how things are done.  She was nicknamed the “work mom.”  I have gotten the hang of things in the last couple of weeks, and the support system in the office is really refreshing.  This is a picture we took on her last day at the office.  What I found interesting about working here is how everyone gets along pretty well considering that all the departments are very well organized. I have enjoyed working here so far, and look forward to learning new things and skills in this field of work. 


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