Removal of the Computer Competencies

As of December 2013, the Academic Council has voted to eliminate the Computer Competencies Requirement effective immediately. The Computer Competencies have been a requirement for traditional undergraduate and new college students at St. Edward’s University since 1999. The purpose of these was to help students be capable of demonstrating knowledge about basic computer skills they needed for any course environment learning the following modules:

  • Introduction to Computers (covering basic computer concepts on either the Windows or Macintosh operating system)
  • WWW and Internet Communications
  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets
  • Introduction to Multimedia Presentations

The Academic Council voted to remove this requirement because most St. Edward’s University students enter college with basic knowledge in these areas.  This change means Undergraduate students NO LONGER need to complete this requirement to register for the CULF 2321 or HONS 2321, and for Transfer students prior to registering for CULF 3330 or HONS 3375. Also, New College students NO LONGER need to complete this requirement prior to finishing their core required courses. If you have any questions, please contact Joana Trimble Gandara, 512-464-8816.

Alternatives to get Support

We recognize that digital skills are still important for students, but that they must be learned in the context of the work they are doing for courses.  Therefore, instructional technology is moving towards providing a variety of support options for a twenty-first century learning environment for students, including scheduled classes and on-demand services.  We offer  support to students in the following ways:

We encourage you and your students to utilize our services. Contact for questions.