While researching Ken Garland to create this catalogue, I was drawn to two distinct works. First, I fell in love with Garland’s design work for Galt Toys, both his identity system and the toys and games themselves. I found myself wishing that games could be as simple and beautiful now as they were in the 1970s when Ken Garland and his associates were designing them. I made an attempt to model the look and feel of this catalogue after Garland’s simple and elegant, and playful designs. I did wonder what made a graphic designer want to design toys. The identity work, while incredible, fit neatly into what I considered graphic design. Creating games, especially in the time when Garland was working, didn’t seem to fit the job description of graphic design. I searched for the switch from just designing the branding for Galt Toys over to designing games too. I found my answer in the “First Things First” Manifesto. This manifesto, first published by Garland in 1964 gave me answers about why Garland would choose to make functional games and toys. Tired with advertising, Garland needed to make something that mattered. He needed to make something interesting and new. He was tired of selling things with his design, and so he started making something he enjoyed and it just so happened kids did too. The manifesto was published in 1964, right as Ken Garland took his first steps into the world of game design.

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