Critical Assessment

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about  parts of my design process that happen in my head versus design work that happens on paper (or screen). I look back on times I’ve found myself stuck inside my head, thinking over the project to the point where it gets stuck before I even try making anything. I’ve noticed that this tends to happen more often with projects that have been assigned to me. When I am working on a project of my own volition, I work much more quickly and while I still do research and development, I don’t get stuck in this process the same way that I do with projects that I have been assigned.

I have been working to incorporate this more free style of working into my assignments as well, and I think I am starting to get there. Most noticeably, in my plots, the design that I ended up using was something that I did on a whim, perhaps instinctually, and then ran with. There have been times when I have been so focused on my research and planning that I didn’t allow myself to act in such a manner.

However, I think that in some cases, such as my weather report, I was able to let that planning guide me in a way that was very beneficial. The process of animation is one that relies heavily on planning. The process in After Effects would be much more difficult if I hadn’t thought critically about the way which I wanted the user to experience the information I was providing.

Additionally, I have come to realize that one of my strengths is designing for a cause. I am fascinated by the role that creators and makers play in our current political and social climate. I think it’s so important to use our creative voices to influence change in the world. Some of the work that I am most proud of is my contribution to the Women’s March on Austin and the signs that I was able to design using skills I have learned through my design education.