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Moon Cactus

This past weekend I discovered East Austin Succulents. If you are not looking to be completely enamored with cacti or succulents then do not stop by… it is a section of Tillery Street Plant Company that is completely dedicated to, obviously, cacti and succulents (look for more about East Austin Succulents/Tillery on my next post!). Walking through the enclosed tents  you see everything from Echeveria to Moon Cacti (Grafted Gymnocalycium Cultivars). When I saw the Moon Cacti I was very tempted to give my already yellow Moon Cactus, a little company, but I decided not to overdue to it and wait until I become an expert on taking care of them. In preparation for this day when hopefully I will have a whole family of moon cacti I decided to do a little research on how to care for them. I started composing a list of things I have learned on my own plus what I found…

  1. Your Moon Cactus will thrive on your windowsill… as well as on the porch or patio. It’s environment is pretty flexible since it only requires filtered light or shade with a good flow of air.
  2. Do not over water your plant. This cactus does not need a lot of attention so excessive watering will cause the roots to begin to rot.
  3. When you do water though, make sure your plant actually needs it! You can touch the soil and see if it’s dry, and then you should thoroughly water.
  4. On cold nights I bring mine indoors to protect from frost.
  5. Also, never let the plants sit in water… this is kind of the same thing as over watering and can lead to rotting.

Feel free to comment and help me with these tips, or with any questions you may have, I need to keep learning about these little guys…


The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. -Gertrude Jekyll

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