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Night Blooming Cereus

A couple of months ago I met a lady named Jennifer who was incredibly passionate about gardening. I’m pretty sure this is when my interest began to really take shape… As I followed her around her front yard, back yard, and side yard; I was captivated with the way her whole body lit up as she told me about each plant. I only hope to be as knowledgeable as Jennifer some day, but regardless, I am so thankful that our introduction created my passion for gardening! After about an hour or so, she went to the final plant that was hidden under the outside of the kitchen window. This was the Night Blooming Cereus (Selenicereus grandiflorus). She had been growing hers for about twelve years and had over twenty blooms. Little did I know I would be coming back to her house multiple times in the middle of the night just to catch this amazing flower bloom! She picked a small leaf off the plant, potted it in soil, and gifted it to me. I’ve been watching the baby cereus grow ever since!

The Night Blooming Cereus is a part of the cactus family and only blooms its white flowers one a year during the middle of the night. They can be grown in doors or out doors and require very little care other than that the roots can rot very easily if overwatered.

Here are some things I learned from Jennifer, my experience, and just some googling curiosity…

1. It does not need a lot of sun! If you notice that the leaves seem to be turning a “burned” color then move it into the shade. I keep mine under a covered area to where it doesn’t receive too much direct sunlight.

2. Allow your plant to dry in between waterings… It doesn’t require too much upkeep as it can easily be overwatered (this is a lot like the Moon Cactus in my last post).

3. I bring my Night Blooming Cereus indoors if the temperature gets below 50 degrees. Other than it it is pretty hardy.

If you have any more tips please feel free to share! Or any questions, I will do my best to help out.

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