5 Dec 2014

Blog Entry #8

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“Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed”

“Iraq Crisis: US Launches Fresh Drone Strikes”

The first article is just about another attack against militants in Yemen. The part that sticks out is that no details were given if it was conducted by the US or by the Yemeni government. When the attack was announced the spokesperson was unclear on who had conducted the attack.

The second article talks about how the US launched drones in Iraq. The attack was against ISIS forces that were close to a village where dozens were reportedly massacred. An estimated 80 from the Yazidi group were killed by insurgents in a village in the north part of the country, south of Sinjar. The US officials followed reports from the Kurdish forces to the US Central Command that civilians were being attacked, however it was unclear if the attack was taken place at the same village as the massacre.

Iraq Crisis

The part that stuck out to me was the lack of information about the strikes. If there was new system implemented to regulate when drones were used, then the US should know more about what is going on. Not knowing where the strike took place means that it could of been anywhere and against a target that might not have been approved.

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