5 Dec 2014

Blog Entry #6

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“Drone Wars Yemen: Analysis”

“Charting the Data for US Air Strikes in Yemen”

These two links are charts on the total number of Drone strikes on Yemen since 2002. You can see that the usage spiked in 2012 due to the amount used to aid the Yemeni government in to fighting against the AQAP. However, since 2012, the amount of strikes conducted has decreased each year.  This could be due to the decrease in support for their usage. Obama has shifted the responsibility for drone usage from the C.I.A. to the pentagon and has stricter policies on when to use them. The reason for him doing this could be due to people thinking that the US does not hold itself accountable for the times the strikes have been unsuccessful. The less amount drones are used, the less ridicule the US will get from powers that are not in favor of their use.

Drone Strike Frequency in Yemen

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