The Glass is Refillable – Stay Positive!

You know something that we all need during this pandemic? POSITIVITY! (Positive thoughts and yes positive cases too!)

I stopped watching the news a few weeks ago because seeing the number of COVID-19 cases was just overwhelming (and I do not need that type of negativity, I’m sure none of us do). With the challenges we have all faced since March, it is imperative that we focus positively in life. Why? Because it helps us maintain a healthier lifestyle and be mentally stronger.

It was tough deciding if I was sending my kids back to school this new school year or if I could manage all three doing virtual learning while I worked from home. The stress was keeping me up at night and I couldn’t focus at work. I felt as if I couldn’t handle it all as a mother. Slowly but surely we will one day get back to our normal routine. For now we must remain positive for our own well-being.

Is your glass half-empty or half-full? 

Whether you realize it or not, negative thoughts actually affect our brain. The negative emotions such as fear, anger, and stress can take a toll and prevent you from enjoying the good things in life. Negativity doesn’t allow you to see the opportunities that surround you. It may lead you to an unwanted outcome. If you begin a task with a negative mindset, you may not be putting all the effort needed creating an unsuccessful result. Unfortunately, negative thinking can become a bad habit and you may not recognize it. Negativity isn’t just about your way of thinking. You must also look at your surroundings including your job role, the people you are with, and even the places you frequently visit. It is best to try and identify what is causing a negative pattern.

Consider turning any negative thoughts into positive ones to keep you going and achieve your purpose in life.

Having a positive mindset has many benefits including reduced amount of stress and a better physical well-being. It creates positive actions and better outcomes. You become more confident and invest more into creating better results. Positive thinking gives you a higher probability of reaching your desired goals. You will create more value in your life and improve your health.

There are many things you can do to increase your positivity:

  • Accept the good and the bad. Don’t consider the bad moments as failures, you will learn from mistakes. Do what you can and steer towards something positive.
  • Focus on the good. While the outcome may take a while, give yourself credit for the small achievements.
  • Surround yourself with a positive environment. Develop relationships with people who will motivate you and not bring you down.

The benefits of a positive mindeset enhance physical, social, and creative skills. People with a positive outlook are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle as they have a more hopeful view of the future. The way you think and interpret the events in your life has an effect on your results. With a positive mindset you will strive to improve and you will not struggle to reach your purpose.

How you answer the question to the glass being half-empty or half-full is a reflections on your outlook on life, your attitude, and whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic. It is best to consider that the glass is refillable!






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