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Why You Should Start New Goals this Fall...

Why You Should Start New Goals this Fall…


The Glass is Refillable – Stay Positive!

You know something that we all need during this pandemic? POSITIVITY! (Positive thoughts and yes positive cases too!) I stopped watching the news a few weeks ago because seeing the number of COVID-19 cases was just overwhelming (and I do not need that type of negativity, I’m sure none of us do). With the challenges […]

Self-Motivation Helps in Achieving Your Goals!

Self-motivation, achievement, and personal goals all go hand in hand. Personal goals can change from time to time and it’s a good idea to make both short and long term goals to help you stay motivated. Self-motivation is key in order to achieve your goal. It’s what drives and pushes you to take action towards […]

Sip some coffee and let's get started!

Sip some coffee and let’s get started!

Hello everyone, welcome to Coffee and Goals, a blog that has been created to help you! My name is Brenda and I am looking forward to providing helpful tips and hopefully inspire you to achieve those personal or career goals in life. You could learn a thing or two, maybe even get a start on […]

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