The Office of Information Technology has updated SEU Sites with single sign-on access, allowing you to log in using your St. Edward’s username and password.
Once at sites.stedwards.edu, click “Log in,” select the “Log in with St. Edward’s Account” option and enter your university credentials. This change should not affect your access to any of the blogs or websites you have created.

This site allows current faculty, staff and students of the St. Edward’s community to create individual blogs, websites, or e-portfolios. You can create a blog for personal learning or reflection; your course, module, tutorial class or any other group; departmental or faculty news blog; event or conference.

To get started or to log in, just click the “Log In” link in the top of this screen.  When you log in for the first time, a blog will be automatically created for you.

  • All sites will be created with your SEU Username and will have the address https://sites.stedwards.edu/[username]; for example, https://sites.stedwards.edu/cousettr
  • If you are a faculty member and would like a site for your class or for your students to individually have sites for a class assignment please email Instructional Technology at support@stedwards.edu.
  • Blogs or e-portfolios hosted on Edublogs at sites.stedwards.edu may be exported by following these instructions.  You can import your Edublogs site into any WordPress site.
  • If you need a site for an organization or other purpose please email support@stedwards.edu.
  • The possibilities are endless! Have fun! To get started view our video tutorial or help documents.