The main points of each article are entrepreneurs can be more successful if they learn how artists work to be effective and the second article’s main point stated artists and entrepreneurs work for the same purpose. As artists, we need to learn how to work in teams or advising groups like entrepreneurs learn to do early in their career. Artists usually work alone and only gain insight from their own creativity. If artists learn to work in groups the outcome would be interesting artwork that multiple people worked on. Yes, I agree with artists being entrepreneurs because they both use their passions to create and organize a final product. Of the 12 characteristics of artists discussed in the article I agree with artists are craftspeople, artists are like children, artists thrive under constraints, and artists are passionate about their work. Another characteristic I would add to the list is artists can also be humorous. I consider this an interesting topic and it would be fun to see if in the future there would be a major about art entrepreneurship in secondary education.

The survey suggested that I have a score of 2.25 in grit which means its something I would have to work on. To work on my grit, I would make a list of both short and long term goals and focus on my work instead of procrastinating.