“High Concept, High Touch” by Daniel Pink was very interesting in explaining how our world functions now with the right brains. The author also noted the use of left brains being insufficient and to take on the conceptual age we would require a whole new mind. This is a very interesting idea that the author notes since humans have evolved and created ideas or inventions with the same brain so my question is, how would creating a new mind help us humans in evolving? Our minds are trained to be one way so in my opinion I think it would take another age for us to see any results or ideas with a new reformed mind. The idea about high concept and high touch was a little confusing for me but I did grasp the idea of how bringing creativity in education systems can help us humans succeed with life. Also reading how art related careers are growing more compared to “professional” jobs such as lawyers was interesting because usually art related careers are looked down upon by society. This piece by Daniel Pink was great in expressing his thoughts on how changing the mind can help us human succeed in life better.