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Part 1

For all that have presented to the class I can say how interesting and how I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the next slide was going to be. My personal favorite was Jonathan, I believe was his name, and the pictures he took. For me they made no sense which only made it more enjoyable to see. His work was very creative in my eyes.

Part 2

My five year degree plan goes as follows.
The First Year had already passes but my plan was to make sure that I had the right major in mind.
Second Year plan is to have most of my classes be related to my major. Last year was mainly general education.
Third Year plan is to have a course schedule that is mixture of both general ed. and major related courses.
Fourth Year is mostly likely going to be a repeat of what I’ve done in the third year or second year but maybe more major focused.
For the fifth year after I have left college I plan on getting a job in game development or animation. With the classes I intend to take all the way up to my senior year I should be able to find some footing for myself. I could start with getting an internship first to gain experience before I look for a paying job.


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