VISU-1100-01 Blog Post #1

Part 1

1. What are the main points of each article?

The main points are pretty straight forward for both articles. In one it states how entrepreneurs should view how artists go about what they do and learn from it.  The other article mentions how with the way artists go about their work and bring results that say how people enjoy their work begs the question if artists may as well fall under the entrepreneur category.

2.  What can artists learn from their “entrepreneurial cousins”?

They need to leverage the many resources available to remove the burdens of doing business as an independent artist.

3. Do you agree that artists are entrepreneurs? why?

I can only agree with that claim to an extent. In a simple sense, the artist makes their work, release it to the public, and people come and enjoy their works and would probably pay money to buy the artwork. But there are artists who just want to put their work out there without hoping for someone to come along and buy it. If it does happen then it was a bonus from positive reaction the work has received and no down-sides are to be seen in miles.

4. Which of the 12 characteristics of artists do you agree with?

I agree with all them. The 12 characteristics aren’t too exaggerated to where you would get the impression that artists have figured out the way of life.

5. What others would you add to the list?

One would be that artists are liars. In a way I would say that this would fall with them being storytellers with them telling you what their artwork is about but the viewer can look at it and think they know what the real meaning behind it is.

6. Additional thoughts.

I do like the comparison between both parties. It is one of those moments where you sit down and think, “Well now that I think about it…”

Part 2

  1. Do you have grit, or is this something you need to work on?

I scored a 3.5 so I would say I’ve got some grit. What I am coming to realize is that maybe that I only have grit when it comes to things I am willing to do more than things I need to do. So I definitely need to improve my grit.

2. List a couple of things you could do to increase your level of grit.

For starters I can try and stay engaged instead of losing interest if whatever it is doesn’t seem to have my care.


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