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Today, I watched a film by Stan Brakhage called Stellar. It is a strange film, one that I don’t particularly know how to describe, especially about how I feel and what goes on in the short film.

In this 2 minute film, what is shown is an array of colors, which closely resemble, at least to me, nebula and star dust, hence the title. Most of the space in the frames are black rather than color, and rarely show white or any grays, which furthers my thoughts of the artist interpreting the color in space.

What made this film especially strange for me was that it had no clear sequence of frames nor any dialogue, the only clear image that shows up are the credits, which give the title and the people who have created and helped with the creation of the film. Because of this, the film is truly left to the interpretation of the person who is viewing it, and it can lead to a lot of different opinions and thoughts of the viewers, whether it be that the film is absolutely bad and has no purpose, or that the film is, while nonsensical, still beautiful in its own craft. I have noticed between people commenting on it that no one agreed on how the film should be thought about, whether it was a bad opinion or a good one.

In conclusion, this film, while a confusing and very ominous one, does bring some interpretation out of people, and every viewer’s views will differ with this one.

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