Nothing to Lose

  1. Warhol claims that he feels a disconnect from his work. And in the interview he says he feels as if the words are coming from behind him, not from inside of him. I think he cares about his work, he’s just saying that he doesn’t feel that he works hard enough for the acclaim he receives. He makes it known that his assistants do much more, I guess, laborious work than him. I don’t think he ever turns it off because he doesn’t really seemed to ever be turned on.
  2. I suppose Warhol’s concept of really just producing any kind of work he wants, whether it holds meaning or not, may relate to the Conceptual Photo Project- in a way the whole project was based on one subjective feeling evoked via short stories. There was no construct to follow. Like Warhol.

Do you become self-conscious of your ideas?

Oh, wow. Absolutely. I don’t think it will ever stop. In my head I’m asking “who doesn’t?” But, apparently, Warhol.

Thoughts on the nothing-to-lose attitude?

I think it’s pretty great- for some people. It just depends on if you’re the kind of person who feels more validated in everything having meaning and background, or the opposite- nothing really matters so what do you have to lose.

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