Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee (DTAC)

Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee (DTAC)

The Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee (DTAC) reviews nominees for the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award, selects winners of these awards, and selects the university’s nominee for the Minnie Stevens Piper Award.

Membership: One rep from each school and one at-large representative. Note: In spring 2022, the seat formerly drawn from GPS (which was classified as a school for committee purposes) was converted into an at-large graduate seat. The current GPS senator will continue serving until that term expires.

Selection and Terms. Elected by School to a two year term.

High Activity Times: Early fall to Mid Spring


School Reps
AHMX Alex Barron 2024
Shelbee Nguyen
GPS Christina Thornell 2023
Chandra Srivastava
NSCI Mary Kopecki-Fjetland 2023