Faculty Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (FCDI)

Faculty Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (FCDI)

The FCDI creates and sustains a civil and robust dialogue about the values of a diverse faculty body.

Membership: Any faculty member who wishes to serve. Chair elected from membership.

Selection and Terms. In two to three-year terms, though at least five members must be present to constitute a quorum.

High Activity Times: Varies.

Partial List of Members (Contact Senate Documentarian if you are currently serving and wish to be listed) : Jason Callahan, Ana Escamilla, Steve Fletcher, Teresita Garza, Kelly Green, Jack Green-Musselman ,  Andrea Holgado,  Dinah Kinard, Lee Land, Rachael Neal , Lorelei Ortiz, Sara Parent-Ramos, Delia Paskos, Michelle Robertson, Michael Saclolo, Kris Sloan, Teri Varner (chair), Jeannetta Williams, Angel Wilson, Kerrie Taylor, Sasha West