End Term Assessment Essay

I would consider working on the same project every day for more than 5 hours excessive. If you don’t give yourself a break you could find yourself getting stuck and not being able to come up with new ideas. Also working on a project once a week for an hour is not enough time to create something sophisticated. I find myself spreading out my work time throughout the week while still giving my self some time to step back and take a break from work and allowing some breathing room between projects.

“Sophisticated” work includes something that is cohesive and fulfills the purpose of the assignment or goal of the project. It also includes how the physical work looks. I think the parts of my maps that are sophisticated are that they are clearly laid out and organized. They connect back to the assignment. Also I feel like my maps look cohesive for what each map is about.

Some meaningful feedback I got back was that I should include images for the decision map. I didn’t want to make it only words cause I felt like that would have left the project too boring. So I added images in a way that didn’t clutter up the map but make it a little more visually interactive.

The hardest part for my was trying to figure out how I would map out the school but still have it look like a real map and not having it look too cartoony. I was also able to learn some illustrator through this project witch helped out. The easiest part off this project was coming up with ideas on what to map out, especially for my decision map. Creating that map took the longest, but it was fun getting up come up with different outcomes and seeing where each choice will take you.

When I went back home for thanksgiving break I was able to go check out some studios of local artist during their open studio times.

My life outside of school hasn’t really been an issue with my schoolwork. I do try to balance out schoolwork and my life outside of school.

The most ideal classroom environment to me is everyone getting to share their ideas and students helping each other out and giving useful feedback.




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