Ways to make your office more sustainable

Helping your office become more sustainable does not have to be difficult. To kick off the launch of our Sustainable Office Checklist, we put together this list of easy tips to reduce your footprint this week.

1. Create some green challenges for your team
Green challenges are easy and make a huge difference. Some examples of challenges are to use less paper or avoid plastic utensils for a month. It is a great way to get your team and stay sustainable.

2. Turn off all office lights when not in use
Super easy, all you need is to flip a switch before leaving every evening. Go a step further and turn off your computer monitors and printers before heading home.

3. Lay off the thermostat
Raising your office thermostat by two degrees in the summer and lowered by two degrees in the winter reduces your footprint tremendously and you’ll barely even notice the change.

4. Bring a desk plant to work
A desk plant can lighten up a room while filtering out air pollutants. Win-win.

5. Maximize your natural light in the office
If you are fortunate enough to have access to natural light, use it. This allows you to use less artificial light and it has many health benefits.

Story by Olivia Rome ’20