Four of the coolest nature spots in El Paso, Texas

Growing up in El Paso, Texas I have always loved being outdoors. My hometown has beautiful sightseeing for the hiker, botanist and nature lover in all of us. The next time you visit El Paso, make sure to enjoy the food, culture, and the great outdoors!

The Franklin Mountains

Stretching across the country, the Franklin mountains find their endpoint in El Paso only to be hiked and loved by their residents.

The Rio Grande

This river is home to many roads, check out some of the gorgeous scenery and get some good pictures in!

El Paso Sheriff’s Posse

Check out the local cowboys and girls at El Paso Sheriff’s Posse and enjoy some views of Mt. Cristo Rey.

Check out a local home 

Many locals enjoy the outdoors and like to lay back and enjoy the roses in their desert-themed backyards.

Story by Olivia Rome ’20