Using Pinterest to Market your Business

Pinterest is another great bookmarking tool available on the Internet. It is a fun way to upload, save, and sort images, known as pins, onto your virtual pin-boards. Users can browse their friends pins and then choose to save the ones they like, or they have the ability to go to a specific category and browse other people’s pins from around the country.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.19.54 PM

Since we are working with Andrea Whaley from Wardrobe Interventions, I feel like Pinterest would be a great way to grow her business and market herself even more. The majority of users on Pinterest are women and since Wardrobe Interventions focuses on image consulting and personal shopping, Pinterest would be a great way to market her business to a specific target audience.

By creating different boards, users are easily able to organize their pinned images and name their boards according to what pins they contain. This makes it easy for people to go to different users sites and view specific boards they pinned. This picture is an example of what someone’s “fashion” board might look like on Pinterest.

Businesses, such as Wardrobe Interventions, can create a Pinterest page and then post pictures of products or accessories they like and even pin other people’s fashion ideas to show people what they suggest and what they see as “in-style.” In order for someone to trust you enough to change their wardrobe, it is important that they like your styling choices and feel comfortable enough to work with you. If you connect your Pinterest site to your business website, it gives potential customers an opportunity to view your work and see if they like what you do.

Pinning and commenting on other people’s pins is a great way to gain new followers if you are just starting up and it is also a good way to market your business. Styling and fashion is a huge part of Pinterest¬†¬†so I think it would be a great social networking tool for Andrea and her business. Posting her own models and styling ideas would be a great way to really show off her style and connect her to her followers even more.

Pinterest is a great website to really let your creativity really shine through. This bookmarking website is a fun and fresh way to share your ideas or products with literally thousands of people. I definitely think Pinterest is one of the top marketing and networking sites on the Internet today!

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