Celebrate Fiesta San Antonio, Through Social Media

Food, family, flowers, and festive colors are just some of the few words that come to mind when you think of Fiesta! For San Antonio Texas, April 18th through the 28th is a time for the city to shine. Over those ten days many people, young and old, make their way to down town San Antonio to join in on all of the festivities. Fiesta is a celebration, rich in tradition, culture, and fun for the whole family.

Over the years, the Fiesta celebration has exponentially continued to grow. Now including over 100 different events through out the ten days and also throughout the downtown area. What started out, as a small celebration in San Antonio is now well known all over Texas and beyond. So how did this small function turn into the major party it is known as today? The answer is simple; social media.

Fiesta has traditionally been spread by word of mouth, however since the rise of  the Internet and Social Media, Fiesta can now be shared virtually far beyond San Antonio.Much like the every growing size of the crowds at Fiesta, Fiesta San Antonio is growing a large online fan base as well. The Fiesta San Antonio Facebook now boast 66,809 likes and their Twitter is extremely active with close to 8,000 followers. Fiesta San Antonio, seems to be attempting to engage the community through social media and interact with them on a more personal level, sticking to tradition and keeping the “small town feel” of San Antonio alive even with thousands of tourist coming to partake in Fiesta events.

It is now easy to track all of the Fiesta events through social media, and especially their blog, which is frequently updated on the latest news relating to Fiesta. Fiesta goers can now search each event and easily find times, locations, parking, and so much more. All of which saves Fiesta goer’s time and money. Overall social media has made Fiesta in San Antonio, truly an unforgettable experience!

So head on down to San Antonio Texas between April 18th and 28th, to enjoy the many events and activities that Fiesta has to offer! Stay for a day or all 10, and celebrate the rich culture of San Antonio!

Each year a local, San Antonio, artist is selected to create the Fiesta poster. This year artist, Stuart Seal’s “Bridging the Traditions and Cultures of Fiesta” poster was chosen.

A brief history of Fiesta…

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  1. jweeks says:

    I loved this blog post, Amber! Fiesta is huge and it is super exciting to see all of the social media that has/will take place! I love that you added a video about the history, which provides the reader with great context. I am going to be home next weekend and am going to the River Walk, so I know it will be extra crazy/busy with Fiesta going on, but I’m excited!

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