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Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI) Journal and ACI Open
As the official eJournal of American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), the online journal ACI aims to establish a platform that allows sharing knowledge between clinical medicine and health IT specialists as well as bridging gaps between visionary design and successful and pragmatic deployment. The core editorial subject matters of ACI are: clinical information systems (including electronic medical records and systems, personal health records, physician/provider order entry, electronic prescribing, clinical decision support, nursing information systems, patient scheduling and tracking tools, lab information systems, radiology information systems, PACS, GP information systems), administrative and management systems, eHealth systems, information technology development, deployment, and evaluation, socio-technical aspects of information technology and health IT training.
BMC Journal of Biological Engineering
As the official journal of the Institute of Biological Engineering, Journal of Biological Engineering provides a home for all research on the continuum of biological information science, molecules and cells, product formation, wastes and remediation, and educational advances in curriculum content and pedagogy at the undergraduate and graduate-levels.
BMC BioMedical Engineering and BioMedical Engineering Online
BMC Biomedical Engineering is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of biomedical engineering, including fundamental, translational and clinical research. It combines tools and methods from biology and medicine with mathematics, physical sciences and engineering towards the understanding of human biology and disease and the improvement of human health. Sections include:

  • Biomaterials, nanomedicine and tissue engineering
  • Medical technologies, robotics and rehabilitation engineering
  • Biosensors and bioelectronics
  • Computational and systems biology
  • Biomechanics
  • Biomedical Imaging

BioMedical Engineering OnLine is aimed at readers and authors throughout the world, with an interest in using tools of the physical and data sciences and techniques in engineering to understand and solve problems in the biological and medical sciences. Here is a list of the various topical areas.

BMC Journal of Biomedical Semantics
Journal of Biomedical Semantics addresses issues of semantic enrichment and semantic processing in the biomedical domain. The scope of the journal covers two main areas:

  • Infrastructure for biomedical semantics: focusing on semantic resources and repositories, meta-data management and resource description, knowledge representation and semantic frameworks, the Biomedical Semantic Web, and semantic interoperability.
  • Semantic mining, annotation, and analysis: focusing on approaches and applications of semantic resources; and tools for investigation, reasoning, prediction, and discoveries in biomedicine.
BrowZine: Biological Sciences
Through our BrowZine subscription, we have access to numerous journals within the field of Biological Sciences. The various categories include:

BrowZine: Biomedical and Health Sciences
We also have access to a plethora of Biomedical and Health Sciences journals. The various categories include:

And much more!

Cell publishes findings of unusual significance in any area of experimental biology, including but not limited to cell biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, virology and microbiology, cancer, human genetics, systems biology, signaling, and disease mechanisms and therapeutics. The basic criterion for considering papers is whether the results provide significant conceptual advances into, or raise provocative questions and hypotheses regarding, an interesting and important biological question. In addition to primary research articles in four formats, Cell features review and opinion articles on recent research advances and issues of interest to its broad readership in the Leading Edge section.
JAMA and JAMA Network Open
The Journal of the American Medical Association is a peer-reviewed medical journal published 48 times a year by the American Medical Association. It publishes original research, reviews, and editorials covering all aspects of biomedicine. We have access to the digital version of JAMA as well as their open access article repository, JAMA Network Open among others.
Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)
Owned and published by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The Journal of Biological Chemistry publishes papers that seek to elucidate the molecular and cellular basis of biological processes. Papers published in JBC can therefore fall under the umbrellas of not only biological chemistry, chemical biology, or biochemistry, but also allied disciplines such as biophysics, systems biology, RNA biology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, epigenetics, computational biology, ’omics, and many more.
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (JBBBE), before 2014 known as Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering (JBBTE), is a multidisciplinary journal. It’s scope covers the fields of Biocompatible Materials, Biomedical Engineering, Biomimetics.
Full-text access to the journals published by Nature Research, covering many aspects of the physical and natural sciences.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the official journal of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), is an authoritative source of high-impact, original research that broadly spans the biological, physical, and social sciences. The journal is global in scope and submission is open to all researchers worldwide.
Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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