Active Learning Lab Updated Hours

Greetings everyone,

Please see the below update on the expanded Active Learning Lab (ALL) hours, updated 10/12/2016. The updated schedule as been posted to the door of the ALL (JBWS 267).

For any questions regarding the ALL and its hours of operation, please contact Richard Kopec at or Weston Wilson at



Updated Active Learning Lab (ALL) Schedule JBWS 267

Greetings everyone,

The ALL has expanded its services to include the calculus-based physics course (PHYS 2325/2425).  An updated schedule reflecting these changes is posted below. The new schedule has been posted on the JBWS 267 door for reference.

For any questions regarding the ALL and its hours of operation, please contact Richard Kopec at or Weston Wilson at

Thanks to all who are keeping the ALL staffed and ready!



NSF Supplemental Award for CASAR Granted to SEU

The National Science Foundation has awarded St. Edward’s University a supplemental award to the Community for Achievement in Science, Academics, and Research (CASAR) grant of $9,346. This brings the total CASAR award up to $599,867 through the life of the grant, which ends on July 31, 2017.

This supplemental award aims to support additional assessment activities for CASAR, which is under the direction of Drs. Richard Kopec, Lisa Goering, Charles Hauser, Michael Saclolo, Mary Kopecki-Fjetland and Michael Kart. For more information on this award, as well as other awards issued to SEU, please visit

2016 Lucian Symposium Poster Session Information

Dear colleagues and students,

A reminder to students that if you did research ANYWHERE this past summer and would like to present a poster on that work as part of the student poster session following this year’s Lucian Symposium (Friday, 23 September), here are the deadlines:

If you have not already done so, submit title, author list, and abstract to by 5 pm on Friday, 09 Sept.

This year, we are using Spoonflower to print fabric posters for each student so we will need extra time to allow for the print process.  Submit your poster print request in .PDF format ASAP but absolutely no later than 10 am on Monday, 12 September.  Submit your requests to

Each student may have ONE poster printed by the School of Natural Sciences each academic year.  Additional poster printing should be paid for by research grant accounts as appropriate.  Students should use the poster they print for all appropriate conference presentations during the 2016 – 2017 academic year.

NOTE:  posters submitted after 10 am on Monday, 12 Sept. will not be printed by the School of Natural Sciences.  I recommend that if you need to print your poster after that date, please look for poster printing services at local area businesses (e.g., FedEx/Kinkos).

We are asking students to hang their posters by 1 pm on Thursday, 22 Sept.  That afternoon, the School of Natural Sciences Advisory Board will meet.  Members of the board often enjoy reading through student posters.  They will have time to do so after their meeting concludes around 4:30 pm that afternoon.

We ask students to take their posters down by 5 pm on Friday, 23 Sept.

We ask students to plan to be at their posters for some portion of the time period 1:00 – 3:00 pm on Friday, 23 September.  It is not necessary to stand at your poster for the entire period of time, but do commit to spending some portion of that period of time at your poster if at all possible.

Last year’s event was a tremendous success, and with our prestigious visitors on campus (both for the Advisory Board meeting and for the Lucian Symposium), we have a great opportunity to share what our students have been doing in the area of research and the successes you all are having in advancing the frontiers of science.

Remember, it is not essential that the research occurred at St. Edward’s— any REU or other university research program at which you did research this summer is eligible for a printing of one poster.

Finally – if you were a recipient of a Brother Romard research grant this past summer, the expectation is that you will print out and present a poster at this event.

If you have any questions, please contact

Looking forward to another great student research poster session.

Summer Research 2016 Recap

With the completion of the 2016 Summer Research Symposium on June 27th, we have seen an increase in participation with over 70 undergraduate researchers that totaled over 11,000 hours of effort over the past 6 weeks. Generous funding for this research came from several different sources, including the Br. Romard/JD Lewis Student Research Fund, Community for Achievement in Research, Academics and Science (CASAR), Welch Foundation Chemistry Grant, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) Program, Dean’s Discretionary Fund, USDA and McKemie Summer Scholarship.

Thank you to all students as well as the 24 research supervisors who helped mentor and guide this research over the past few months. We’d also like to thank the Office of Sponsored Programs and the School of Natural Sciences for helping make these research projects and symposium possible at SEU.

For those of you who participated in summer research this year, please take a minute to take both the SEU and national post-research surveys that will give us valuable information for the future development of our research programs at SEU:

National survey: SURE III Survey

SEU survey: