Joining Hilltop Views

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If you are interested in writing, shooting pictures or videos, designing, copy editing or editing for Hilltop Views, please read these policies and then join us at our weekly meetings each week. Anyone interested in writing or editing for Hilltop Views is strongly encouraged to take  JOUR 2321: Introduction to Journalism as soon as you can. We offer it every semester.

All first-time editors do their initial semester on the job as interns either enrolled in JOUR 4350: Journalism Internship, or an equivalent internship in their major. If you are interested in producing or editing content or in selling advertising or working as our Office Manager, please contact Associate Professor Jena Heath at for more information.

All staff members should also familiarize yourself with our Student Media policy.

Writers, photographers, videographers: You must clear a three-assignment tryout. This means you come to three weekly meetings, take an assignment at each one and turn them all in on time and according to your editor’s instructions. If, after three stories, the Hilltop Views editors determine that you are not yet ready to be hired on as as staff writer, they will suggest ways to improve, including working one-on-one with the editors and/or faculty adviser and taking JOUR 2321: Introduction to Journalism. If you do clear the tryout successfully, you must be prepared to contribute to Hilltop Views each week in some way (if classes are busy, you can volunteer to deliver the paper on campus that week, for example). You are also expected to attend the weekly meetings. You will be added to the payroll at $8 per hour for  a maximum of five hours per week unless additional hours are approved by the faculty adviser. Experienced staffers are encouraged to apply for editing positions. We try to promote from within whenever possible. (Note: We do not pay a per-piece or per-photo freelance rate).

Editors, copy editors, designers:  New editors must complete their first semester on the editing staff enrolled in JOUR 4350: Journalism Internship unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. you are a senior in your final semester). You can register in JOUR 4350 after being cleared by Prof. Heath. You will then follow the course instructions and policies in the JOUR 4350 syllabus. If you do well and want to continue with Hilltop Views, you will be added to the payroll the following semester. Pay rates are set by the university. They begin at $8/hour and increase according to the number of credit hours you are taking. All editors are capped at 10 hours per week unless you have talked with Prof. Heath about needing to work extra hours. If you have questions about pay for on-campus jobs, please contact Student Financial Services.

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