Teenagers all around the world are struggling with addiction. This is a photographic project that follows the lives and stories of teenagers in the Austin area who are recovering from addiction. This community is particularly important to me because in October of 2011, I got sober as a 14-year-old adolescent. If it weren’t for the rooms and communities presented in this project, I would not be sober today.

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program and Keystone are the two resources available for teenagers in Austin who are looking for recovery. They are commonly referred to as Alternative Peer Groups because they provide the teenager with a group of peers who are sober. This is crucial in the success of recovery because it provides understanding and accountability. The Palmer Drug Abuse Program is a free program that offers two meetings a week with hangouts after, and an event on the weekend. Keystone offers multiple meetings a week and two events on the weekend. Both of the groups provide meetings for the parents as well.

Having these resources available is crucial to teenagers who need assistance. It provides support, accountability, and a new way of living. My friend who introduced me to the Palmer Drug Abuse Program over 7 years ago passed away from an overdose in December and it is for him that I am bringing light to this issue and resources available for recovery.