The only insight most people have in the adult entertainment industry is media portrayal and the generalizations created by society. The adult entertainment industry, more specifically strip clubs, function on a multitude of different complex aspects between the employees and customers. Females working in the adult entertainment industry are often dehumanized and resort to keeping their work life in the dark, which is controversial because in reality, the lucrative earnings of this industry open up many avenues of opportunities for dancers to develop as a functioning part of society. For this project, I will be focusing on the strippers and how they interact with the different dynamics of the club that they are employed at. Each dancer in my project has a different background, which reveals important context as to their choice of work and how it has shaped their lives. Some dancers align better with the common stereotype of strippers, while others provide a perspective that shows the ways in which the general nature of stripping has been distorted by society. My goal is to expose different features of the realities of strip clubs in order to create a more human lens through which this industry is seen by the general people.