Blog 4: Zitkala-Sa

For this week’s blog about Zitkala-sa’s writing “Why I am a Pagan”, I have chosen the 10th passage from the top. The overall message of this work is to prove why she would rather be labeled a pagan in the eyes of the “pale-faces”. Throughout the essay she gives examples comparing and contrasting the differences in life she has witnessed along with being hated for being different, and forced to assimilate with a Culture which is not her own. This is no different in the passage I have selected where she points out some of these issues. In my passage Zitkala highlight how racial lines that were once vividly drawn out for society are now just erased like a mistake that could be forgiven. I feel that she is trying to show how as time moves on the fallacies of man are erased forgetting that human elements went into these wrong doings. She also tells us that the prejudice has just being masked under the new message from these “Native Preachers”. Even though they may preach with morals in their overall message, it is a ruse in the sense that there is still hate underlying their true meaning.

The second passage I have selected in her essay is the last one, which I feel is the piece holding the text together. This passage sums up all of her points of  why she believes that her way is right, and why being labeled something bad is better than the alternative. To her being a pagan is better because at least being labeled as such she assumes the identity she was born into and not forced to have.  In the passage she also shows how she still recognized the worth of the “pale-faces” despite their intolerance of native culture. Zitkala-sa tells us that the people oppressing her are still god’s creature with his “love”. Still she ends the passage claiming how she prefers her way and her pride in being a pagan.

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