Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sinai and Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood in the first article makes a statement regarding it’s support of Sinai families and victims. The brotherhood believes that the coup has implemented a zionist agenda. In the article, the brotherhood also “condemned the use of military force to arrest honorable students and teachers with Egypt.”

The second article also mentions the recent arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy head, Zaki Bani Rushaid. He was arrested in Jordan for criticizing the United Arab Emirates. Zaki Bani Rushaid,  stated that the UAE had supported terrorism and questioned its leaders.


Students Against the Coup Movement

During the second week of November 2014, several students have voiced their growing frustration with the coup. One of the articles focuses on Aisha Al-Shater, who gave a call-to-action, as female university students had been treated with brutality and violence. Al-shater, asked that the media cover the stories and consider the young innocent female student who had been lynched. The second article, mentions the Students Against the Coup Movement, that has formed in response to the violence against students. The death of university students, sparked the desire to organize a series of protest.


ISIS and the Connections with the Muslim Brotherhood

Both articles raise about concern regarding the establishments and desires of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood as being terrorist organizations that seek to create a strong Islamic presence. One of the articles draws attention to the United States as recognizing the threat of ISIS but not doing anything about it. The articles draw attention to the murders that have taken place and the violence that  exist because of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both articles also mention the restrictions that exist because of the control both organization seek.

Band of Brothers and Symposium

The Muslim Brotherhood  recently rejected the idea of censorship as being a part of the constitution. Although, Morsi’s newly appointed Minister of Culture has been seen as a threat to the art especially the Opera and theatre. This idea of restriction is not welcomed by Egyptians and goes unappreicated. It is a great cause for concern during this time period of August 2012-August of 2013.

The Modern Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptians visit Washington

The article regarding the Modern Brotherhood mentions some history regarding the brotherhood and how it desires to establish a of democracy which angers jihadists. The second article is about the a meeting held in Washington where Egyptians were able to discuss the current state of Egypt and convey messages to Americans. One of the issues discussed was the unwanted American push towards democracy for Egypt. The article mentioned that the democracy in America is not suited for the democracy in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood on Sinai attack and Imprisonment

The Muslim Brotherhood responds to the Sinai attack. The Brotherhood states that the attacks are linked to the islamist militants. The Muslim Brotherhood “says it is a peaceful movement…believes that shedding blood of any Egyptian is forbidden.” Once again, the Muslim Brotherhood is recognized not only as a threat but also as a form of organization that is unwanted and dangerous according to the Sinai attack. The Muslim Brotherhood was also mentioned on the Al Jazeera website. October 24th, marks the 300 day mark of the imprisonment of Al Jazeera journalist. The Al Jazeera journalist have been charged with “spreading false news, endangering national security and support a banned organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.”