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Participating in the Community

#100percentdigital is a joint-faculty staff learning community intended to explore how to use technology to make your work and life easier.  At the same time, we hope you’ll learn to do more with technology.  If you’ve ever read a post on Lifehacker, compared apps with a neighbor, or wished you didn’t have to keep track of all that paper, this may be the place for you.  We encourage you to participate both in person and virtually.  When you discover the perfect app for notetaking or managing to do items share it in a meeting, post a review to the blog, or tweet it with the hashtag, #100percentdigital.

Preparing for Meetings

Since we are all busy, we won’t require reading before meetings.  We will, however, invite a few community members to share their approaches for the theme of the meeting, and let discussion flow from there.  If you have a solution to the month’s theme that you’d like to share, please let Rebecca Frost Davis know. If you have ideas for future topics, let her know that, too.


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